Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help registering or have questions not answered here, contact us at or 978-567-6527.


What rewards can I earn?

With our new and improved rewards program now BOTH you and your friend benefit by your referral. What could be better? Specifically:
  • Residential Solar Referrals Get: $500 discount for your friend on a new system + $500 for you when their system is fully paid and turned on.
  • Commercial Solar Referrals Get: $500-$1000 discount for your friend on a new system +  $500-$1000 for you when their system is fully paid and turned on.
Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone you think might be interested in solar to us, but for them to qualify for a discount and you to get an award they must be new to New England Clean Energy. Meaning, they do not qualify if they’ve previously contacted us. Additionally, they must sign an agreement with us within six months of your referral (actual project completion can be after that period). Eligibility and approval of any Clean Energy Rewards cash or new customer discount is determined at the sole discretion of New England Clean Energy and is not guaranteed.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to the number of rewards you can earn when referring new customers. A referee can only earn one discount (but they in turn can send us new referrals!).

Do I have to be a customer to earn rewards?

No, Clean Energy Rewards is open to anyone with a love of solar and savings. You do have to register to participate.

How do I refer my family and friends?

Once registered, use the website or smart phone app to submit names and contact info. With the app, you can submit referrals on the go – at a ball game, a party, or at work. You can even import details from your Contacts to save time. Or, if you really don't do the "internet or smartphone thing" then contact us at or 978-567-6527 to ask us how to sign-up and participate.

How do I know if you serve the town my friend lives in?

If your friend or family member is in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New Hampshire send us their name. If we can’t help, we’ll let them and you know.

I don't have time to ask my friends if they're interested in solar. Should I still submit their names?

Yes, but as with all referrals we need their detailed contact information, meaning their name, a phone number and email address. A mailing address is also optional. We will then send them an email explaining why we are contacting them and that they can opt out of hearing from us at any time.

Can I make my reward a charitable donation instead?

You are certainly free to forward the money on to any charity of your choice, but we no longer forward your award direct to a charity. Since we are required to report any awards over $600 to the IRS it is best to make your donation directly.


How do I sign up using the website?

Click here to go to the registration page. A link to download the smart phone app will be texted to you after you register, just be sure to enter your mobile phone number.

How do I sign up using the phone app?

Download the "GetTheReferral" app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Use company code 1629 for Clean Energy. Then follow the prompts. 

What if I don’t have a Sales Rep or don’t remember his/her name?

Simply click on "If No Sales Rep Click Here".

Do I have to use the phone app?

No. You can use just the website, just the phone app, or both. It’s your choice. And if neither works for you contact us at or 978-567-6527.

What does registration entail?

Participation in Clean Energy Rewards requires providing contact information to GetTheReferral on behalf of NE Clean Energy or direct to New England Clean Energy. If you earn more than $600 in an individual year we also require your Social Security Number in order to issue you a 1099.


How quickly do I get paid?

We now make all payments direct to you by regular old-fashioned check. Discounts for your friend will be applied to their system cost. The Advocate's $500 awards will generally be sent out monthly for the previous month’s systems that were paid in full and turned on.

Will I know when you send me a reward

When we issue you a reward, we will email you to say a check is on the way. Note that when your awards are set to exceed $600 we will first require your social security number in order to issue a 1099. We cannot issue payments exceeding $500 in a year without that information.  


Can I get rewards for referrals I’ve sent under the old rewards program?

If you made referrals under the earlier Clean Energy Rewards program (prior to December 1st, 2018), qualified site visit awards will be honored if the visit is completed before the end of 2018. New customer referral awards will also be honored provided that the customer signs an agreement with NECE within six months of your referral. The new customer awards will be made after the system is fully paid for and turned on.

Can the people I referred prior to December 1, 2018 get the new program’s discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot apply the new reward program to referrals made before December 1, 2018.

"It’s never been a problem telling my friends about your company. I don’t feel like I’m selling anything – as they’ll end up winning in the long run." — Anestis Jordanoglou, Dudley
"I talk to my friends about solar and New England Clean Energy all the time. I’m proud to be helping the planet. It’s really easy. It’s really a no-brainer!" — Chris Boeing, Pepperell

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